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It is important that you truthfully answer the following questions on criminal and dishonest conduct. If employed, the accuracy of your answers will be checked through a review of your fingerprints or criminal records by the FBI or another agency. The disclosure of criminal or dishonest conduct on this application will not necessarily result in your rejection for employment.
1. Have you ever been charged with a crime (including misdemeanors but not minor traffic violations) which resulted in a conviction, probation, suspended imposition of sentencing, or a guilty plea? Criminal conduct includes misdemeanor and felony. Yes or no?
If yes, for each instance please state the date, place, crime, and the circumstances.
2. Have you ever engaged or participated in theft or other criminal or dishonest conduct related to your employment (regardless of whether you were charged or convicted)? Yes or no?
If yes, for each instance please identify the employer, state the date, and explain the conduct and circumstances.
3. Have you ever had a surety bond refused or cancelled? Yes or no?
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I certify that the information in this application is true and complete. I understand and agree that any false or misleading information or any omission of information will subject me tormination of employment or rejection for employment.

I agree and authorize that the company and/or its agents may investigate my background and employment history to ascertain any and all information that the company deems appropriate. I release all claims against the company for requesting and/or securing such information. I further release all claims against the persons, corporations or other organizations that furnish such information. I understand and agree that, if hired, the company may take my fingerprints and secure background information from the Federal Bureau of Investigation or from another organization. I also understand and agree that for positions which require driving a company vehicle, a current DMV driving record will be requested.

I understand and agree that if I am employed I will be an "at will" employee, which means my employment will be for no definite period of time and may berminated at any time for any lawful reason. I further understand and agree that no person other than the president of the company has the authority to enter into any legally enforceable contract or make any legally enforceable promise or representation and, to be enforceable, any contract, promise, representation, or other obligation must be in writing and signed by both the president and the employee.

I understand and agree that business needs may at times make the following conditions mandatory: overtime, shift work, a rotating work schedule, or a work schedule other than Monday through Friday.

I consent and agree that the company may require me to take medical examinations and/or alcohol or drugst either prior to my employment or during my employment. I agree to the disclosure and release of examination/test results and other medical information to the company for review. I further agree that if I refuse to take an alcohol or drugst, or if the results of such ast are not satisfactory to the company, I will be disqualified from employment orrminated from employment.

I consent and agree that my conduct and my use of company computer systems,lephones and other facilities or equipment will be subject to review and monitoring by the company, including without limitation, the recording and monitoring of mylephone calls or conduct, and the review of all e-mails or other materials that I prepare in the company computer system. I further consent and agree that for security and investigation purposes my person and property will be subject to search while on company premises. The company believes these conditions of employment are necessary to protect the interests of all employees and clients.

The company is an equal opportunity employer with all federal, state and local laws applicable to employment.

By signing below I agree that the information in the application is true and complete and I agree to the "Certifications and Agreements" set forth above.

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