Group Picture Naming

United Portraits does all its group picture proofing online!

No more hand-writing down who is who.

We’ll automatically populate the list of absent students which makes it even easier!

The video below will cover how to access, view, and complete the group picture naming process.

Step By Step Directions:

You’ll log into your account

Click on “Enter Group Picture Names”

Copy/Paste Your Session Number (From the email)

Click on the photo you wish to view.

Enter basic details about the photo.

If you choose to enter student names, simply choose them from the dropdown list.

Review and Approve your photo, and you’re done!

Still need help?

If you are a United Portraits client, you have a dedicated contact person.
Try reaching out to them for assistance.

If you would rather send an email or perhaps don’t have the contact information for your dedicated person, click here to send a message.