The United Portraits Team

Currently Open Positions:

Entry Level School Photographer

No Photography Experience?
We’ll teach you to be a United Portraits photographer.
(Part-Time | Statewide All Cities)

Independent School Photographer

Own a verifiable photography company? Want some side work to keep you busy? Work as a photographer on a flexible schedule.
(Part-Time | Statewide All Cities)

Yearbook Liason

Do you love helping people create things? Are you patient and a great teacher / motivator?
(Part-Time | Remote/Work From Home Eligible)

Fulfillment Hand Work

Do you love fast-paced work? Work alongside our production equipment to get our products to our customers.
(Part-Time | Gilbert, AZ)

Customer Service

Do you love going the extra mile to help someone? Are you awesome on the phone, or have awesome communication skills?
(Part-Time | Remote/Work From Home Eligible)

Business Analyst

Is making things more efficient “your thing”? We LOVE improving our processes and automation and need your help to do so!
(Full-Time | Gilbert, AZ)


Do you have extensive experience in the sign-making or awards industry? Enjoy running laser machines, cutting vinyl, and making awesome-looking plaques?
(Full-Time | Gilbert, AZ)

Graphic Design

Are you a pro designer? We’re always looking to create the next coolest thing. Come help us do that!
(Full-Time | Remote/Work From Home Eligible)

Administrative Support

Are you a master coordinator? An organizer of all things chaos? This position will challenge you everyday.
(Full-Time | Queen Creek, AZ)

Account Manager

Are you a customer service superstar? Do people rant and rave about how awesome you are?
(Full-Time | Statewide All Cities)

Weekend Sports Photographer

Do you like photographing youth sports? From team photos to action shots, we want your great photos!
(Part-Time or Full Time | Mesa, AZ)

Sports Photo Editor/Website Manager

Can you quickly download, sort, crop, edit and print photos. Are you an expert with wordpress?
(Weekends | Mesa, AZ)

Outside Sales

Do you like to knock on doors? Do you love to close deals? Our sales positions are challenging and rewarding.
(Full-Time | Statewide All Cities)

Software Engineer

Front End or Back End, Web Applications and C# programs. If you like making things more efficient, this may be for you!
(Part-Time or Full-Time | Remote/Work From Home Eligible)

Electrical Engineer

Do you love robotics and creating automated equipment? Help us solve some unique challenges.
(Part-Time or Full-Time | Gilbert, AZ)

Chief Development Officer

Do you have extensive experience with our industry? Do you like pushing the envelope? Are you looking to find the right fit?
(Full-Time | Gilbert, AZ)

General Counsel

Are you barred in Arizona? Do you excel at resolving problems and creating legal state and federal legal filings?
(Part-Time | Remote/Work From Home Eligible)

Marketing Director

Can you create, deploy, and manage creative marketing campaigns from start to finish? Anything from direct mail, gifts, e-mail and anything that might make our company shine.
(Full-Time | Gilbert, AZ)

Do Cool Stuff That Helps Put Smiles On Faces!

Our Mission

We believe in creating lasting memories in an innovative and exciting way. Our picture days run smoothly and interaction with us is an enjoyable experience from the day your event is booked until the last product is received, and beyond!

Our Vision

Portraits are a time old tradition and rite of passage. We strive to create an experience that is positive for our schools and their students and faculty, while providing fun, quality products for parents and families. We truly believe that if you can dream it, we can do it!

Esprit De Corps

Get Stuff Done

When something needs doing, you do it — ASAP. You have a bias for action. You pick up the phone. You dump the trash. You solve the problem. You go the extra mile to make sure a task is completed in a timely manner. Despite setbacks, you always rise to the occasion and never settle for mediocrity.​

Efficient & Innovative

You believe there are always new and better ways to do things. You’re constantly looking for ways to improve what you do and how you do it — from process improvements to system enhancements to time and task management. You find ways to simplify and do more with less and then you make the change.

Earn the Trust of Others

You’re a person of your word. You don’t gossip. You speak truth and exhibit humility. When you say something, you do it and people know they can trust you to get it done. You listen attentively, speak candidly, and treat others with respect.

Relentless Pursuit of Excellence

You never give up or settle for mediocrity. You wake up each day asking yourself how you can improve personally and professionally and then you take actionable steps forward daily. You always seek to deliver the best in every task or project for customers or the team and you don’t quit until the mission is accomplished.

Do the Right Thing At All Costs

We’re all human beings and treat each other with honor; offering and accepting constructive feedback or sincere praise and holding yourself and each other to a high level of integrity in all things. You ensure that mistakes or defects do not get sent down the line and that problems are fixed and stay fixed.

Devoted to Everyone’s Success

We’re all part of a team and you know that it takes each person to succeed and that we all need help from time to time. You’re a team player and never think ‘that’s not my job’ when asked to pitch in. The success of the team, personally and professionally, and our customers are your highest priorities.

Achievement is Awesome

You’re hungry, goal-driven, and love the feeling of accomplishment and winning with the team. You believe there’s nothing better than not only meeting a goal but beating it into oblivion. You’re all about crushing big goals, earning big rewards, and having fun doing it!

Our Promise

To Employees

You are, and will always be, the most important part of our organization. We will always strive to do the right thing at all costs. You’ll be treated with respect, recognized for your contributions, and have a direct impact on local businesses and communities around the world. Hownd is, and always will be, devoted to your success.

To Clients

We will strive to be the best friend your organization has ever had. We’ll be in the trenches and fight by your side as an extension of your community. We’ll build, strengthen, and continue to improve our solutions by leveraging your partnership and feedback. We will work diligently to create good problems for your business!

To Parents

Without our United Portraits Parent Community, there would be no United Portraits. We will work diligently to be your best resource for photography and other related services. Your privacy will always be our top priority. We will be a leader in data protection and not just meet privacy standards but exceed them.

The United Portraits Fortress