Picture Day Scheduling

United Portraits does all its scheduling online!

You can come back and edit at any time. No more faxing in your picture day schedule, or having to write it all on paper.

Our system won’t allow you to accidentally put the same teacher twice, and our system will show you what teachers you HAVEN’T scheduled yet.

The video below will cover how to create, modify or change your picture day schedule.

Step By Step Directions:

You’ll log into your www.unitedportraits.org account

Click on “Enter Picture Day Schedule”

Copy/Paste Your Session Number (From the email)

Click on a time, which will show a dropdown of all the available groups/teachers.

Select one timeslot for each group you want to schedule.

When you are finished, click on “Submit Picture Day Schedule”

Print & email the list when you are done, or hang it in the teacher lounge or workroom!

Still need help?

If you are a United Portraits client, you have a dedicated contact person.
Try reaching out to them for assistance.

If you would rather send an email or perhaps don’t have the contact information for your dedicated person, click here to send a message.