Can I take multiple poses in multiple outfits?

It depends.

If your organization allows time for this, yes. However, at many of our picture days, we are only allotted a specific amount of time and changing outfits is not possible for every person. It’s very rare that our company automatically allow each child to pose multiple times in multiple outfits.

If it’s very important that your child take multiple poses in multiple outfits (or one photo in a cap and gown for example), we would recommend attending picture day with your child. We’ll be sure to work with you when you are present and we’ll spend extra time with you and your child to capture the photos you’d like to have. It’s just not possible for us to do that with every child.

We always invite you to come and experience picture day with your child. We welcome you to come review and approve all the photos we take of your child, so that you can be confident you are going to get exactly what you want! If you have special requests, the best way to ensure they are followed, is to attend picture day with your child.

Keep in mind that we do not always bring other outfits, caps and gowns, drapes, or props with us. If you have a specific request, you should make sure to bring the item or outfit with you.