How do I order a class or group photo?

A group photo is either a traditional class photo, or a composite photo that the organization has asked us to produce.

For security reasons, unfortunately we do not provide previews of the class/group photos.

Class photos will only be available for sessions they were taken for. (For example: if they were taken in the Fall, they will only be available in the Fall session)

If class photos or groups were taken, they are included in many packages, or available by themselves.

If they were NOT taken, they will not be available in any packages.

Many packages include the group/class photo at a discounted price. Most commonly packages A-C include the group photo as well as individual photos.

Instant download products also will include the group photo at a discounted price.

The group photo 8×10 ONLY is Package X.

If you wish to order ONLY the class/group photo, you only need to add Package X to your cart.