How do I order a yearbook?

Yearbooks can only be purchased online through your United Portraits account or by using a paper order form. We cannot take your yearbook order via phone, chat, or email. Some schools may require that all yearbook ordering be done online. Each school is different.

If you log into your United Portraits account and you do not see yearbook ordering options, that means:

  • Our company does not do the yearbook for your school, or
  • The yearbooks cannot be purchased online, or
  • Online ordering has not been enabled by your school yet, or
  • Your school has opted not to use our online ordering system

You should reach out to your school directly to find out information about ordering your yearbook. The process is completely automated, and United Portraits yearbook clients that enable online ordering through our systems will immediately be available. If online ordering is not available, it’s for one of the reasons above.

This video shows how to log into your account and order yearbooks:

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