How do I order my Yearbook Ad? How do I order my Yearbook Dedication Page? How do I order my Senior Ad? How do I order my 8th Grade Baby Ad? How do I design my ad?

There are many different types of ads, depending on what your school has opted for. Some of the most common are:

  • Baby Ads
  • Senior Ads
  • Dedication Pages

All the different types of ads will function the same within our system. Typically schools will enable only one type, and they will restrict it to certain grade levels.

Ad options will automatically appear in your United Portraits account. If you do not see ads when logged into your account, they are not available for purchase.

Ordering your ad is broken into two steps.

  1. Purchase your ad.
    – Select the size ad you’d like to purchase.
    *Ad prices are set directly by your school, and not our company.
  2. Submit content for your ad.
    – Choose how the name will appear on the ad.
    – Write a message to appear in the ad.
    – Upload photos to display in the ad.

You upload the content, but the layout and design is not editable by you. Your ad will be designed by the yearbook team and will be uniform with all other ads. You will not be able to preview your ad.

Step 1. Purchase your ad. Scroll to the bottom of your homepage when logged in. If your school has enabled ads, they will show at the very bottom. Click on “Place Order” on the right.

Select the size ad that you’d like to purchase.

Checkout and pay for the ad.

Step 2. Customize your ad. Return to your homepage and you’ll see the “Edit” button.

Clicking on Edit, will bring you to the edit page where you can enter:

  • The name you want to appear
  • The message/wording for the ad
  • Photos you can upload

Add your content, and click on “Save My Ad”.

You can come back and make changes until the ad due date displayed on your homepage. Your ad will automatically be submitted on the ad due date.