How does online ordering work?

Step 1. Create An Account (visit

You’ll only need to do this once, even if your child moves schools, or if they graduate to the next grade level. Each parent can have a separate account, and so can grandparents or other family members, too! School staff members should create an account for themselves as well.

Step 2. Add Your Photos

You’ll add each person who took photos (both adults and children can be added) to your account. This will keep track of each person, and automatically add each future photo session to your account, saving you time.

Step 3. View Proofs/Pre-order Photos

Based upon your schools selected order method, you will either be able to browse through your images online, or pre-order them prior to and after picture day.

Step 4. Select a Package

You’ll have the ability to see and select your packages that you wish to order, then place your order securely online.

Step 5. Confirmation

You’ll receive an email confirmation of your order. You are now finished! No need to fill out the flyer, or send anything to school. Your order will automatically update in our system instantly, and our staff on picture day will be able to see your order.

Step 6. Delivery

If you ordered PRIOR to picture day, (or the pre-determined order by date on the printed flyer) your order will be delivered to the school. If you ordered after picture day, or after the pre-determined order by date, your order may be mailed directly to you and you might be charged a late or shipping fee.

If you’d like to learn how online ordering works, you can view this short 3 minute video that will demonstrate how it works!

****If you want to order ONLY a yearbook, when you get to Step 3, you’ll just place the yearbook in your cart, instead of photos****