How will I receive my photo order? What are the delivery options for photos? Where will I receive my photo order?

When you place your order online, you will be provided with different delivery method options.

You can select the method that is best for you.

When you checkout, there will be a description of each delivery method so you can understand them better.

Your options will differ depending on if you are ordering before or after the original deadline for ordering.

We’ll also provide you with estimated dates that you will receive your order by.

Free Standard Delivery: Your order will go back to your organization for disbursement. This option is only available before the due date. If you are ordering after the due date, this option is no longer available.

Deliver for the Lowest Cost: Use this method to save a few dollars in shipping. United Portraits will determine the best way to deliver your order. This may send your order to your organization, or it may be shipped to your home. Our company will decide the quickest and most efficient way to deliver your order. If you ABSOLUTELY need your order delivered to your home, you DO NOT select this option. You should select one of the “Ship To Home” options.

Ship To Home: Your order will definitely ship to your home. You have a few speed options. The estimated delivery time and costs for each will be listed on your checkout page.

All orders are processed together in batches. The estimated delivery date is an estimate based on your scheduled due date.

Your order will stay in our system until the due date, even if you placed your order before the due date.

If your organization elects to change or extend the due date, your order may be delayed.

We do not begin processing any orders until your organization submits & we receive all paper copy orders, and (if applicable) group photos are approved by your organization.

We are always improving our delivery systems and appreciate your patience while we make sure your order is perfect!

Your order may be delivered to your organization, or it may be shipped directly to you. If you ordered online, you will select your preferred shipping method.

If you wish to ship photos directly to your home, you can pay to have them routed to you directly for a small fee.

There are many factors that determine how United Portraits delivers your order.

Your order may be delivered to your organization even if you were charged a late or shipping fee, unless you specifically chose the ship to home option upon checkout.

You will receive a separate email when your order leaves our facility, that email will contain the specific delivery information.

That email will include the specifics on where the item was shipped or delivered, and it will include a tracking number if applicable.

You can also check the real-time status of your order online at, just click on “View Order”

That information is the same information that we have in our system, and it is updated automatically and immediately when there is a status change.