I am getting an error “Account Currently Exists”

This means that your child is already assigned to an account with the same owner type/relationship.

Perhaps you used a different email address, or someone else in your family has an account with the same owner type/relationship?

For security purposes, we only allow one account per child for each relationship. (Mother, Father, Stepmother, etc.)

Unfortunately if an account is already set up you will need to access that account. Do you use other email addresses?

Try resetting your password via email, or by looking up your account information by phone number here. You can type your phone number in the “Cell Phone Number” field to see if it exists in our system already.

If that doesn’t work, you can provide us with your phone number, and physical address on your account. We can check to see if it matches any existing accounts.

You can also place your order by phone or chat if you prefer.