I missed the yearbook ordering deadline. What can I do?

Unfortunately we don’t set any of the yearbook ordering deadlines. The school sets all the deadlines for ordering yearbooks.

Click on your order homepage here:

At the bottom of the page you will see “Yearbook Orders”

If your school offers yearbook ordering and you are within the allotted timeframe, you will see “Place Yearbook Order”.

If you are unable to place an order, it will say “Past Deadline Contact School”.

If you have the ability to order a yearbook, we suggest doing it sooner rather than later. Most schools will increase the price of the book every few months.

We are unable to sell yearbooks directly to the parent after the deadline. All yearbook orders will be delivered to your school. If you are past the deadline, we will not be able to place a yearbook order for you. We suggest you contact your school to see if they will accept late orders.

The school yearbook adviser is the only person who can extend ordering. They may or may not be able to do so. We would encourage you to have them contact our yearbook department directly if they wish to extend the ordering.