My child wore green on picture day. My child’s clothing is invisible or transparent online.

Wearing green on picture day may influence the final print.

Children are recommended NOT to wear ANY type of green on picture day. Doing so may result in issues when your photos are initially processed. It really doesn’t matter if it is a light green, dark green, green stripes, or spots, any green will cause issues and result in a less than optimal photo proof for you.

If your child does happen to wear green, don’t worry! It will be fixed prior to printing. We will adjust the photo manually to make your child’s shirt appear as normal.

All photos are quality checked for green issues before they go to print. This means that you child’s green clothing will be re-edited so it is not invisible.

If you receive your prints and you are unhappy, just let us know and we will either fix it for you, or refund your purchase.

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