Someone unauthorized obtained photos of my child. Someone is trying to obtain photos of my child. I need to block someone from obtaining photos of my child.

We can certainly understand that you want to ensure your photos are kept private.

It’s always our goal to maintain a safe marketplace and United Portraits has programmed many protections into our ordering process. However, it’s not possible to check each and every order’s validity of association between the person ordering and the child.

All photos taken by United Portraits are NOT available to the public. Each and every person wanting to place an order online must create an online account with our company. None of our preview galleries are open to the public or publicly accessible. We NEVER sell your child’s information.

We understand that many children have split families. Sometimes these children will also have custody or protection orders.

In some cases such as custody agreements there may be stipulations about photographs.

A person ordering photos online must have information about the child, such as:

The child’s name, grade, teacher and school. We may also require the date photos were taken or a session number.

Normally, this information is not publicly available and can only be obtained by persons directly associated with the child.

To place an order all persons must explicitly consent that they:

Are the parent/guardian of this child, or they are authorized to view photos of this child, and to the United Portraits terms of use.

With the exception of a court order, we are not able to disclose or discuss orders made by other persons. We are unable to look up or provide information on other persons accounts without a court order.

If you believe another party has illegally obtained photos of your child or require more information, please have your legal counsel contact us.

Please note that we are only able to comply with formal legal requests such as subpoenas and court orders.

Legal requests can be made by US Mail to our statutory agents.

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