What is retouching? What types of retouching do you offer? Can you retouch my photo?

If your child’s face needs a little retouching, we can do that! We offer two different retouching services:

Basic Retouching

Our retouching service removes blemishes and acne.

It DOES NOT remove glass glare, lipstick or lipgloss, shirt stains, fly away hair, scars, scrapes, food, or change the whitening of teeth.

The retouching package online is most commonly Package R. It’s an add-on and must be purchased with a package. Only one Package R is needed, retouching will apply to your entire order.

Enhanced Retouching

Includes all the services in the Basic Retouching; softens blemishes and removes acne.

It will also reduce glass glare, fly away hairs, and whiten teeth.

It also includes removal of scars, scrapes, food, snot/runny noses, or stains on clothing.

Higher End Retouching

If you want more specialized editing completed, we recommend you purchase the Instant Download or Photo CD, you can take that file to a third-party professional editor to do more in depth retouching.