Calling All Arizona Young Entrepreneurs

We may have a $1000 grant for you!

Important Dates:

Submission Deadline: 12/1/2024
Evaluation Period: December 2024
Grants Awarded: January 2025

I strongly believe that you are born an Entrepreneur. You cannot be taught entrepreneruship, it’s in your blood, it’s who you are. It is a trait/skill that you have been blessed with. The entrepreneurship lifestyle and hustle isn’t for everyone, but I’m glad you’ve found it. I was a young business owner, and I remember how tough it was. I had a lot of naysayers, no money, no knowledge, but a lot of drive and determination to figure-it-out. A $1000 camera that was gifted to me changed my life. I’ve had a ton of fun and wouldn’t trade my “job” for the world. There have been a lot of ups and downs, but now more stable, I want to give back to other young entrepreneurs. If you’re young & motivated, have started, or want to start a small business, I want to hear your story. Read mine here.

– Dan The Photo Man, Founder, United Portraits


– Must be 18 years old or YOUNGER

– Must be a young entrepreneur

– Resident of Arizona 


We’re giving a total of 3 grants to 3 different businesses/young people.

Each grant will be $1000.

The $1000 is for you to use in your business ventures as a young entrepreneur. Buy a machine, product, signage, or whatever you think you need to help your business grown and succeed.


You have until 12/1/2024 to apply.

Grants will be awarded in January 2025.


A $1000 camera changed our founder Dan’s life and started our company.

We hope that our $1000 grant will do the same for you and your business life.


You must be an Arizona resident/attend school in Arizona.

We’re firm believers that you DO NOT need a degree to be successful.
While higher education may be an opportunity to learn more, going to college is not a requirement for this grant application.

Application Requirements:

To be considered for our grant, you must:

– Complete our Online Grant Application by the deadline

– make a 10 minute or less video explaining your business or concept

– Be age 18 or under

– Reside in Arizona


Does the applicant have to be a United Portraits client?

No! Our grant program is open to all young persons in Arizona, not just clients of United Portraits.

Can I help my child with their application?

Yes, of course. Having an encouraging support system is important. But, don’t do everything for them–we really want to see your child’s entrepreneurship shine. 

Do I have to have an operating business?

No, but why delay if you have a great idea?! Start today!

We’ll consider applications that are “ideas” or “plans” to start a business.

However, the best way to start are business is just that, START! You are young and have plenty of time to learn, adapt, and making mistakes along the way is part of the fun.

Are there restrictions on what I do in my business?

As long as your business is doing a legal activity, you’re in the clear!

Who can I contact with questions?

You can contact

If your question is generic, we’ll post the answer on this webpage for all to see.