General Image Licensing Terms

The following image licensing applies to all photos, portraits, and/or group photos that United Portraits has taken or will take in the future:


United Portraits is the sole owner of all images taken by United Portraits.

We may, at our sole discretion, license the use of our photography to your organization.


Restricted Limited Use for Internal School Information Systems – Image Licensing Terms

United Portraits will grant your organization limited use of our images in your school information system. (Powerschools, Schoolmaster, Synergy, Infinite Campus, Follet/Destiny, etc.) We also will allow you to display images taken by our company on your organizations website or use them for internal projects not intended for sale or profit (Example: a school power point presentation, student awards with a photo) with credit given to United Portraits.

This restricted use and limited license to use our images in your school information system and/or website does not grant you the rights to publish our images in any other publication, or make them for sale in any way.

This limited license does not grant 3rd party publishers (such as a 3rd party yearbook company or public newspaper) rights to print our images in their publications without a separate licensing agreement.

Yearbook Image Licensing Terms

*These terms apply to all sessions, clients, schools, and organizations unless United Portraits has modified them in writing.*

United Portraits offers Yearbook Publication Services. We will grant a license free of charge to use photography taken by United Portraits (individual portraits and group photos) when publishing a yearbook with United Portraits.

Beginning July 1, 2022, our company has decided to modify our image licensing agreements. These changes will ensure that we are able continue to provide our partners with highest quality, convenient, and affordable services possible. All organizations partnering with United Portraits for their Picture Day Services are strongly encouraged to also utilize our Yearbook Services.  Should your organization decide to use a competing vendor or 3rd party for your yearbook or publication services, a licensing fee will be assessed to use our images.  

When our photos leave our studio to be published in another company’s product, we cannot guarantee the quality of our images in their product.  We are a full publisher of soft and hard cover yearbooks and we offer all the same products and services you’re used to getting from any other professional yearbook company.

We print locally here in Arizona, our turnaround time is 2 weeks or less for a standard Yearbook.  Your organization has one deadline for publishing, and the photos flow straight into our yearbook software.

Many parents will only purchase a yearbook, and not purchase our products (individual photos, class photos, and/or club photos) knowing they will be included in the yearbook.  Financially, we do not find this as a sustainable win-win partnership with our clients. If affordability is a concern, rest assured that our Price Match or Beat Guarantee on all of our services has not changed and still fully covers you.

3rd Party Yearbook Publisher Licensing

Our company has invested a significant amount of resources into capturing the images for your organization. It is only fair that our company be properly compensated for the use of our work in 3rd party publications.

Should you decline the use of United Portraits’ Yearbook Publishing Services you may opt to license our images for 3rd party publication for a fee.

Should your organization choose to publish a yearbook with a 3rd party provider the following fees will apply:

– A flat one time $2500 per school calendar year (July 1, 2022 -June 30, 2023)
– A $10 per individual portrait image downloaded
– A $25 per group image downloaded

For example, if your school has 300 students/staff with photos and 10 classrooms and you wish to publish all the individual photos and your classroom photos in a 3rd party yearbook your licensing fee will be broken down as follows:

– $2500 flat yearly licensing fee
– $3000 individual photo licensing fee
– $250 group photo licensing fee
$5750 Total Licensing Fee

Your organization is welcome to pay our licensing fees directly, or your 3rd party publisher can pay the fees. No images will be available for download or licenses granted until all fees have been paid in full.

Delivery of Paid Licensed Images
United Portraits will provide a standard PSPA download from our systems to you directly.  This is the current industry standard download format. Each Photography session will be a separate download. We are not able to combine sessions on your behalf. A 3rd party publisher will need to do this if you wish it to be done. Please note that United Portraits cannot extend its support to third parties, therefore we are unable to assist you further in the process of uploading images into one of our competitor’s software.

Requesting A License
If you wish to request a license to use our images in a 3rd party publication, please reach out to your account manager. They will be able to provide you the amount due, and the accompanying paperwork and the download link.