Panel pages can be a nightmare. Not with United Portraits!

1. Choose Which Pages are Panels

Visit to manage your ladder.

You’ll select which pages in your book are panel pages. These are the pages with the individual photos of each person. They are also known as class pages, or Mugs pages.

2. We’ll Create Them For You

United Portraits will create each page for you. It’s one less thing you’ll need to do! Of course, if you really want to do them, you can! 95% of our clients elect to have us do their panel pages and corrections. This way you can focus on the collage pages and other fun things in your book!

3. Review & Approve Your Panels

Visit to begin reviewing your panels.

Each teacher will log in and review their page. They’ll answer a series of questions about their page. These are questions like, are the names correct, are there persons missing, etc.

United Portraits will then review all the comments, and make the requested changes. You do nothing, isn’t that great?

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