We’ve compiled some of the most common questions we get on a regular basis.
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When are my deadlines?

We do not have deadlines. When you are finished with your book, your delivery will be 2 weeks or less from the date you approved your books.

Do you have minimum order amounts?

Nope, absolutely no minimums! Whether you want 5 or 5000, we’ll treat you with the same great customer service.

How much will my book cost?

Go get quotes from other companies. Give us your best price! We will match or beat anyone else’s price per book.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

Nope! We NEVER charge a deposit on your books. All payments are made when your books are delivered and billing has been finalized.

Can I use Yearbooks as a Fundraiser?

Absolutely. Many of our clients will increase the price of their books from their cost from United Portraits. That extra money collected will go back to your organization. 

How can people order?

We have many different methods for ordering.

– Online ordering
– Order with Cash
– Order by Check
– All payments through your organization

We’ll discuss with you the best ordering methods to enable for your book.

Will I receive a proof?

Yes, when you are completely finished with your book, we will print and deliver a hard copy book for you to review and see exactly how it will be printed. You will review and approve this before we go to print. If you’ve got changes, you will have an opportunity to make them before final submission.

Can I offer both soft and hard covers?

Yes! You can offer both options for purchase. Offering multiple options lets parents decide what they have the budget for and want to spend on their child’s book.

What cover designs do you have?

There is no price difference for any of these options.

Custom Cover – Let us design a cover for you.

Pre-Designed Covers – Choose from hundreds of stock covers.

Student Artwork Covers – Let your students design submit hand-drawn artwork for the cover.

Can you foil, die-cut, and emboss covers?

Yes, whether you want a simple gloss or matte laminated cover, or you want an extravagant laser cut cover, we’ve got it!

How much is shipping?

FREE! We don’t charge to ship your books to your organization.

Where are the books made?

All books are made in Gilbert, Arizona. We own the entire production facility.

Sounds too good to be true, how is this all possible?

We have invested millions of dollars into our technology and our facilities to be able to produce yearbooks at an affordable price. We control each step of the process with ZERO subcontractors and that allows us to do things that other companies can’t 🙂

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