Yearbook Master New Features & Changelog

Our team of dedicated developers is constantly updating our proprietary yearbook software to make it better. Posted below are the MAJOR updates. We make minor ones everyday 🙂 If you have a feature you’d like to see added, please suggest it to your yearbook coordinator.

Allow sub-users to unlock pages or submit your book

Control the page unlocking/locking by user. For example if you have a senior editor that you trust to unlock pages that have been marked complete, navigate to Manage Users > Set User Permissions. Select the user you want to grant the permission for. Change the permission to “Yes”.

We have also added the same permission options for “Submit Book” however we recommend not granting this permission to anyone who isn’t an administrator because submitting your book will lock you out of all your pages and you’ll have to contact our team to unlock your book.

Submit Your Book To Print

When you are 100% complete with your book, mark all your pages complete–and submit your book for printing!

Once submitted, we’ll begin working on exporting and providing you a PDF to review.

Submitting your book will lock you out of any editing, so make sure you are 100% done with your book before submitting it!

Matching Backgrounds, Borders, and Clip Art

Hovering over a border, background, or clipart will reveal an ID number, search for this ID number to find the exact file. This can be helpful when trying to use the exact same assets on multiple pages.

Curved Corners for Placeholders and Photos

You can now create curved corners for all of the placeholders and photos. Turn the border on for a photo and change the number next to Border Radius to change the curvature of the corners.

Multiple Asset Selection

You can now select multiple assets on the canvas by selecting them while holding shift or selecting them with the cursor. This will allow you to move or manipulate multiple assets at once.

Align Asset to Center

You can now align all text boxes, photos, and clip art to the horizontal or vertical center position.

Flip Assets

You can now flip a photo or clip art both horizontally and vertically.

Flip/Rotate Backgrounds

You can now flip a background both horizontally and vertically.

Flip/Rotate Borders

You can now flip a border both horizontally and vertically.

Modify Border Opacity

You can now modify the opacity of a border. You can easily do this by entering a value between 1-100 on the border panel popout.

Modify Background Opacity

You can now modify the opacity of a background. You can easily do this by entering a value between 1-100 on the background panel popout.


You can now add placeholders to your canvas. You can either choose a preset placeholder or choose your own aspect ratio.

Add to Canvas Button

There is now an add to canvas button for photos, clip art, and placeholders. Select the asset you want to add, and click Add to Canvas.

Want to see videos? Learn about advanced features?