Our Yearbook Master Software

See how easy it is to create your yearbook with our user friendly proprietary software.

Yearbook Master works hand in hand with your United Portraits account so that all photos are automatically available to use in Yearbook Master.

Creating your yearbook has never been easier! Design and manage sales, all in one place.

Manage Parent Photo Submittals

Parents can submit photos for you to use in the school’s yearbook.

This makes it easier for you to collect photos, and easy for the parents to submit the photos that they like.

The Yearbook Adviser has full control over which pages can allow submittals. This helps keep you organized and not constantly searching for the photo you need.

This feature is optional, and can be turned off if you prefer not to allow parent submittals.



Create Your Ladder & View Orders

The “ladder” is the layout of the yearbook. It’s what goes on each and every page. You can easily add the page description, move the pages around, and assign who is responsible for each page.

You’ll be able to view all the orders that have been placed by parents online through our website in real-time. You can also create orders by hand for parents paying by check, cash, or other methods.

Run a report in one click and see exactly how many books you have sold!



Allow Yearbook Personalization

Common Personalization options include:

– Upgrade to a hard cover
– Add gold foil hotstamping
– Add/create custom pages
– World review/year in review insert
– Add your school logo to the front cover
– Add your school portrait to the front cover
– Add 2 lines of custom text on the front cover

Each of the personalizations is optional. You can choose none, some, or all of them to be available for your school to order.

Panel Pages

You’ll get the best of both worlds.

Have control over what your panel pages look like, but don’t have to do any of the work!

United Portraits will do your panel pages for you. We’ve even got a great review process to ensure approval of them!



Tons of features, all included at no cost!

Create & Manage Users

You can easily create different users to help with your book.

Need a user to just upload photos? 

Want to restrict to a certain page only?

Allow changes but not deleting items.

These are just a few of the common controls that you will have over your users in our Yearbook Master system.

What’s New in Yearbook Master?

We are constantly adding new features based on feedback from our users. See what’s new in our changelog.